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Useful information about Yakutia

Tips for Yakutsk
All visitors entering the republic should keep in mind two things:
1. If stay for more than 3 days, foreigners should register in local migration service. A visitor should have a valid passport, visa and immigration card. Usually, this procedure could easily be done in most hotels. But if a visitor is going to travel across Yakutia or use homestay accommodation this one should register in the migration service within 3 days.
2. In frontier regions, Anabarskiy (Saskylakh), Bulunskiy (Tiksi), Ust–Yanskiy (Deputatskiy), Allaikhovskiy (Chokurdakh) and Nizhnekolymskiy (Cherskiy), foreigners must follow the frontier regulations and get special permission to enter mentioned areas. Application should be submitted for 30 days before and not a day less.
Railroad stations in Yakutia
We have railways in the south part of the Sakha Republic. The rail road goes to Nerungri, Aldan and Tommot. The latter is the final destination. The mentioned locations have cargo and passenger stations.
Getting the Russian visa
To avoid any problem with Russia’s Federal Migration Service in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), you need to obtain appropriate visas.
Tips for travel to Tiksi
Planning your trip you need to choose correct time for visiting Tiksi. It would be better to go there in summer months. This time you can see all beauty of polar summer, you will see many interesting exemplars of polar flora and fauna in tundra. And, of course, you will feel that we call “polar day” when sun is shining 24 hours a day.


  • The old part of Yakutsk

    The old part of Yakutsk

    On September 27, 2006, a warm and sunny day, inauguration and consecration ceremony of an Old Town historical-architectural complex took place in Yakutsk. Indeed, that event became historical for that ancient (for Siberian scale) town.

  • Kihilyakh.The Mystery of Verkhoyansky Ulus

    Kihilyakh.The Mystery of Verkhoyansky Ulus

    Once upon a time God settled people on the land rich in wildfowl and fish, and bidded them not to leave these coast of the Yana river. Some time later people tired of living on the same place, and they had decided to go through the Verkhoyansk Range in search of other fate. God was incensed at that and punished those disobedient people, turned them into stone statues that acquired the name of Kihilyakh . Up to these days, the place where it happened amazes travelers’ imagination. It is surrounded with fog and mysticism.

Expedition to the Pole of Cold!

The Pole of Cold is a unique place in the world and it is situated in Yakutia. It is the only place on the Earth where people live and work all year round under such low temperatures. The average monthly temperature in Januaru makes - 61C and reaches - 68C during coldest days.



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